OEPLAY Goes Full Circle as a Wireless Audio Speaker

OEPLAY Goes Full Circle as a Wireless Audio Speaker

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Spherical speakers have been a thing since the swinging 60s, perhaps most notable with the Grundig Audiorama line of loudspeakers which still fetch a healthy price for their space age design. Today, Apple’s HomePod speakers are the most prominent example of spherically-shaped audio (Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A9 is round, but two-dimensionally so), but generally speaking, audio remains mostly trapped into the confines of the box. The OEPLAY, an upcoming wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, sets to bring another spherical speaker back into the orbit of residential sound with an easily positional tripod stand design.

OEPLAY purports to deliver “10 times a wider frequency range and 13 times more sound space” in comparison to other speakers, which we would guess would mean in comparison to other bookshelf sized wireless Bluetooth speakers, most notably utilizing a pleated Air Motion Transformer tweeter found in the likes of high-end Martin Logan speakers for higher acoustic performance.

The spherical all-aluminum speaker is offered in orange, red, white, or black piano lacquer finish (in white the audio device takes on an almost eyeball-like presence). And unlike those 1960-1970’s single pole stand designs, the OEPLAY is set onto a tripod of wood legs, strong enough to securely keep the 14.3lbs speaker stable, yet light enough to move around if desired.

Additionally, while the speakers can be used singularly, they can also be paired for a more immersive sound.